Device Advice: SE walking tall


When your customers first pick up this phone they’ll probably think that it doesn’t feel like a premium handset. They’ll also think it’s a basic slider – but be sure to make them aware that there’s a lot more to this Walkman device than meets the eye.

The W705 can’t match the C905 or W995 in the 8-megapixel camera stakes, but it is similar to these two high-end models as it boasts the same 2.6-inch display and Wi-Fi (but not GPS).

It features HSDPA and comes bundled with a 4GB memory card, with expansion of up to 32GB possible. It also includes a motion sensor so with a quick shake of the phone a track can be changed, the screen rotated or games controlled by motion. There’s a built-in Bowling game from I-Play, where you move the phone Wii-style to bowl, and this nifty feature is bound to turn consumers’ heads.

There’s only a 3.2-megapixel fixed-focus sensor camera on the W705, but quality is boosted with an LED flash, which is a rarity on Cyber-shot phones. There’s no keypad shortcut to turn the flash on or off and with no auto mode, consumers will have to go into the menu every time to turn it on or off.

However the main purpose behind this phone is its multimedia credentials. In the media menu there are links to the BBC iPlayer site, allowing consumers to watch live broadcasts or catch up on missed shows. These can play through either the normal video player or the Walkman application if you want to listen to a radio station. To save on battery power, users can also tune into the normal FM radio.

The Walkman player is extremely accessible as well, as there is a very small button at the top of the phone that takes users directly to it. Thankfully the buttons do get larger and easier to press and the keypad is user-friendly, despite being slightly smaller than the C905. The W705 is only around half as thick as the C905, so you shouldn’t hear too many complaints.

Full article in Mobile News issue 441 (June 15, 2009).

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