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Slash your golf score with GreenFinder GPS

Golf enthusiasts can take advantage of mechanisms to improve their game, with GreenFinder Golf GPS for BlackBerry and iPhone.

Using the GPS on their device, users can measure their shot distance and improve their club selection by providing them with measurements to each hole and spotting hazards along the way, such as lakes and bunkers. For example, the application will give you the distance required to reach the front of a bunker and the distance needed to carry it. An ‘audible’ function can be switched on so the readings can be read out loud. Following a user’s tee shot, GolfFinder gives a yardage reading to the front, middle and back of the green.

The developers claim: “A few feet can be the difference between finding a hazard and landing in a safe spot with a good angle to attack the pin.”
At an annual subscription of around £22, GreenFinder Golf GPS is available for more than 10,000 courses.

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Clever contact updating from Gwabbit

incoming BlackBerry emails to find contacts and instantly transforms them into contact records within a user’s BlackBerry address book, all with a single mouse click.

Gwabbit puts contact information in their proper place in the address book and even checks a user’s address book to see if it has already saved a contact previously before re-prompting them to “gwab” it again.

The software employs a patent-pending semantic technology to identify contact blocks within email text and accurately import them into the address book, without having to cut and paste contacts one field at a time. Gwabbit claims to save hundreds of hours each year for busy executives, salespeople, and others who manage contacts. The application is also available for Outlook on desktop PCs.

Gwabbit for BlackBerry can be downloaded for an annual subscription fee of around £6.


Cool Gorilla shows you top travel sights

Cool Gorilla is offering a range of indispensable iPhone travel guides, at a download price of around £5.

Users can choose from the Gaudi architecture and tapas bars in Barcelona, the Floating Market, temples and Thai Boxing in Bangkok, or caves and pyramids in Cancun. Explorers can take in Middle Eastern culture in Dubai, the Strip, Glitter Gulch and Hoover Dam in Las Vegas, catch a ball game at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles, find the 10 best riverfront views in Paris, or take in the top ten pizzerias in Rome.

The guides are compatible with iPhone and iPod touch devices. The cities mentioned are the first of 50 guides which will be made available over the coming year.

Each app contains the entire content of the paperback versions of the original Dorling Kindersley guides. It also features a currency converter, maps, a bookmarks section, a search feature plus useful phone numbers and web links.


Learn the lingo when travelling with KODi

The KODi range of foreign language dictionaries is an application for mobile phones supporting Java. The application is still in beta mode, and is currently available free on a range of selected devices from LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. As it’s free, it can be distributed freely until a commercial model is released, most likely next year. New devices are being added as the trial period goes on.

It contains a dictionary to look up words to be translated from English into a range of languages including Czech, German, French, Spanish, Slovak, Finnish, Croatian, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Turkish, Japanese, Russian, Swahili, and Esperanto. The application also offers dictionaries translating from French, German and Spanish into a range of languages.

Users can browse the dictionary, and if a term is not found, it will suggest a similar term A list of synonyms are usually listed next to each word.