Timico to add 50 more top dealers


Service provider Timico is looking to bring on board 50 more core mobile dealers before the end of the year.

It currently has relationships with 600 dealers, 200 of which are from the mobile channel. However, its hardcore base consists of 250 dealers, only 50 of which are from the mobile channel.

Timico, which brought recently acquired units Twant.net and KeConnect under the Timico brand last week, is aiming to take on 50 more mobile dealers by the end of the year, doubling its core mobile base.

Dealers that partner with Timico this year will receive an added incentive of three-times the amount of revenue share for each product sold as well as an end-of-year bonus of “several thousands of pounds” if they connect more than 250 lines.

It said the mobile channel is a growth area for the business in which it receives a “considerable” amount of customers.

Typical revenue share for new dealers will include 24 per cent for fixed line rental, 75 per cent for VoIP calls, 45 per cent for each VoIP connection on an account, 39 per cent for a broadband connection and up to 30 per cent for mobile.

New dealers will receive revenue share from the first connection, unlike existing dealers which need to connect a minimum of 100 lines before receiving the stream.

Timico head of the indirect channel Iain Sinnott (pictured) said: “It’s an ongoing recruitment process with a lot of activity in the second half of the year.
“If we double the mobile channel by the end of the year I’d be very pleased.

“[Mobile dealers] are predominantly better at solution orientated sales rather than the commodity market of fixed line minutes so our chosen route to market is the mobile channel as well as IT value added resellers.

“Some of the bigger players have waited patiently for their suppliers to come up with a unified communications solution.”