Queues for iPhone 3G S launch


Hundreds queued today outside O2, Carphone Warehouse and Apple stores this morning (June 19) for the release of the new Apple iPhone 3G S.

Carphone got a half-hour exclusive, opening its doors at 7.30am. It is the only UK supplier offering a discount on the handset, of up to £180 when trading in the old iPhone 3G. O2 and Apple opened their stores at 8.02am.

Apple’s flagship store on Regent Street, London, attracted most attention, with national media companies gathered alongside the regular Apple cheerleaders and a throng of genuine, die-hard Apple fans.

Apple provided preferential treatment to customers who had made a ‘personal shopping’ appointment, giving them a demonstration and an opportunity to buy the device half an hour before the store officially opened.

O2’s Oxford street branches also saw a large number of customers outside before opening, in particular its branch by Bond Street station, which still had customers queuing outside the door an hour later.

In contrast, Carphone stores on Oxford Street were less busy, although the 7.30am opening saw good footfall, claimed staff.

Customers can purchase the device on an 18 or 24 month O2 tariff, with the 16GB model ranging from ‘free’ to £184.98 depending on price plan and the 32GB model between £274.23 and £96.89.

The handset is also available on prepay at a cost of £440.40 for the 16GB version and £538.30 for the 32GB model.