Voda debuts corporate UC offer


Vodafone last week unveiled a new unified communications solution, called ‘Vodafone One’, for the corporate sector.

Vodafone One provides business customers with a single phone number, either mobile or geographic, that works across fixed line, mobile and internet, and transfers between the three transmission technologies seamlessly.

The service will be pitched initially to UK firms with more than 500 seats in both the private and public sectors. It is available on three-year flat-rate contracts, negotiable ahead of sale according to projected usage. It works with any GSM handset, and is not restricted to high-end smartphones.

Vodafone One unifies all voice and messaging in a desktop PC interface. From it, business customers can handle calls, emails and text messages. Incoming calls will ring on customers’ fixed line handsets, IP phones and mobiles simultaneously, cancelling on the devices that go unanswered. Outgoing calls appear as a single Caller Line ID (CLI), regardless of the originating device.

Users can pick up voicemail to their number on any device, and delete it from the system as they choose. Voicemail, text message and email alerts combine in a single inbox, and are marked as ‘read’ across all platforms when they are opened. Customers can also set up conference calls with other users within their company, with full sight of staff availability on the desktop interface.

Vodafone will manage all the different supply for the system, and remunerate providers for their legs of the service. Vodafone said it is enabling large business customers to leverage their LAN/WAN infrastructure to reduce cost and increase productivity. It expects customers to see a 20 per cent reduction in their communications operating costs.

The system works by deploying a Vodafone-supplied IP-PBX on the customer’s premises, which is integrated with the Vodafone mobile network and the customer’s existing fixed network and desktop environment. It works with Microsoft Office Communications Server and Microsoft Exchange.