3 makes cuts to roaming charges


3 has today announced new lower call and data roaming rates for prepay and contract customers, which it claims to be the lowest in the UK.

3 claim its new roaming rates, for calls and data usage, which includes mobile broadband and internet access via a 3 mobile phone, are well below the capped cost outlined by the EU regulator.

From June 30, 3 will charge customers £1.25 per MB whilst roaming, which it claims is 25p less than on T-Mobile, £3.74 lower than Vodafone and £2.94 less than O2 and Orange.

Calls made to the UK and to other EU countries whist in Europe will cost 34p per minute, nine pence less than T-Mobile, four pence less than Vodafone, one pence less than O2 and up to six pence less than Orange.
Texts to the UK and other EU countries will cost 3 customers 11p.

Customers roaming will be charged 15p per minute to receive calls and receiving a text is free.
3 UK head of communication and mobile products John Eccleston said: “We don’t expect our customers to drastically change the way they use their phone or dongle, just because they’re abroad.

“If they want to update their Facebook status or send an email, likewise if they’re just making a call, they shouldn’t be stung by over the top, complex pricing.

 “That’s why we’ve made our standard European rates simple to understand. They’re the same no matter which EU country you’re in at any time of the year, and most importantly of all, for our customers accessing the internet while they’re away, they’re the best all-round value on the market.”