Agito signs Avnet as distributor


Unified Communications provider Agito has signed up Avnet to distribute its product line in Europe. The deal was finalised after three months of testing of Agito’s products from IT distributor Avnet, which will help the company push into the mobile dealer channel by supplying its least-cost FMC platform RoamAnywhere.

Agito vice president of European business and market development Paul Donovan said: “We’re delighted with this deal as Avnet is considered a powerhouse in the unified comms space. Avnet came into the UC space quite early and is therefore very experienced in this sector.

“It has been working out where it can add significant value in the UC space and we’re happy to be part of that and have a leading IT distributor to help us gain even more momentum in the market.”

Agito is currently engaged with six dealers full time and has plans to work with 10 to 12 in the coming months.

“The mobile market is understandably tough so it may take some time,” said Donovan. “We’re not putting a timeframe on this and it has to be the right fit for both sides. We’d obviously rather take our time over getting the right partnership than take a knee jerk reaction approach and have the wrong partners.”