O2 iPhone terms anger customers


O2 customers have been critical of O2’s new terms and conditions for purchasing the latest iPhone, after the ability to re-sign mid-term without penalty costs for the new device was removed. 

The new Apple iPhone 3G S handset went on sale in O2, Carphone Warehouse and Apple stores last week, 11 days after it was announced.
Some existing O2 customers who had recently purchased the iPhone 3G version are reported to have complained that they should have been told a new device was imminent before purchasing.

O2 and Carphone staff said customers have demanded they have an immediate exchange and they have their contracts cancelled as a result of the secrecy of the launch.

The launch of the first iPhone saw O2 and Carphone text all its customers alerting them to the launch date, requesting those interested not to upgrade or face a higher price for the device when it did launch.

A similar warning was given to customers purchasing the 3G version, but O2 allowed existing customers to switch mid contract to an iPhone tariff.

O2 has changed these rules for the iPhone 3G S, meaning customers can only obtain the device on a new contract or eligible upgrade.

Customers can also pay off the remaining time on their contract to be eligible for an upgrade, but will need to sign up to a new 18 or 24 month iPhone package.