Orange offers 10 roaming mins


Orange is offering 10 minutes of free talk time through its “Orange Travel” initiative across its European territories throughout the summer.

Once the credit has been used up the customer is alerted by SMS.

The offer is available now and with no commitment until September 1 in the UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Luxemburg, Moldavia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland.

To sign up customers can call 444 from their Orange mobile or via

The Orange Travel range also offers a range of roaming “passes” for Orange customers.

An occasional traveller can choose a €6 travel pass valid for seven days and including 10 minutes of calls, 10 minutes to receive calls and 10 text messages to be sent from countries in the European zone.

Regular travellers can choose the “Preferred Destination” option for €5 per month that fixes roaming call charges at 37 cents per minute. It includes one hour of receiving calls.

The “€10 International 20 Mb Pass” is limited to customers with an Internet Everywhere package. Valid for seven days, the pass has a special alert system as soon as the user goes over €50.

Orange also automatically sends an SMS for every €35 consumed with roaming calls, and €50 including internet.