20:20 in Nokia returns guarantee


Distributor 20:20 last week launched its new Premier Partner programme, which included an exclusive tie up with Nokia to replace faulty handsets within 24 hours as well as a new credit card payment option for all dealers.

From August, 20:20 will offer Premier Partners the option to replace any Nokia device to have developed a fault under warranty within 18 months of being purchased by 20:20 to be replaced the next day.

Premier Partners will be required to pay an administration fee based on the total value of Nokia handsets purchased through 20:20 during the quarter. 20:20’s own repair service remains available to all dealers.

All dealers will have the ability to purchase products and applications from 20:20 for the first time using a credit card, using its new partner portal service.

20:20 claims the service will help encourage dealers who do not have credit agreements to purchase accessories and handsets more easily.

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