BT integrates BlackBerry


BT has announced plans to integrate RIM’s BlackBerry technology with its Communications Complete offering.

The planned new offering will enable BlackBerry users to take advantage of Wi-Fi networks in the office for voice calls.

The solution enables users to switch from Wi-Fi to cellular networks, even in mid-call, allowing small to medium-sized business to reduce mobile airtime costs. It means that users could potentially use their BlackBerry as their main phone ahead of their desk phone.

Business users will still have access to all the features of their BlackBerry, such as access to contacts, calls, applications and email.

The development also includes features such as a single voicemail box, eliminating listening to and answering messages on multiple voicemails.

Users can choose to be contacted using just one number for both their desk phone and BlackBerry. By incorporating BT’s One Plan Plus into BT Communications Complete, firms can make intra-company calls (including mobile calls) without incurring call-forwarding charges.

BT managing director Bill Murphy said: “The solution will enable the delivery of unified communications tools for small to medium-sized businesses, which previously only benefited larger firms.

“Technologies that better integrate key business processes, reduce costs and keep workers in touch with customers regardless of location, help firms to operate more effectively and to be in better shape for the upturn when it comes.”