Dealer Sales Corner: Hosted Exchange


We’ve been broadening our offering to resellers from straight business mobile to more holistic hosted SaaS IT solutions for over a year now.

We’re increasingly seeing our mobile partners switching on to the idea of selling hosted SaaS in conjunction with mobile, and Hosted Exchange is generally the first SaaS product they look to sell. Microsoft Exchange offers secure access to Outlook email via a computer or mobile device.

Exchange has become increasingly crucial as businesses require more flexible solutions for mobile workforces. The difference with selling Exchange as a hosted SaaS product is that the user can enjoy all the benefits of using Exchange, but without a large up-front investment in the software or a powerful in-house server.

Having the software hosted at a remote location looked after by us also means that neither the user nor their reseller has to worry about server installation, maintenance or unplanned downtime. We take care of that and have backup servers to guard against power failures or any other problems.

Hosted Exchange is a great product for resellers, as most businesses already understand what it is and how it can benefit their business. All the reseller needs to do is explain how the hosted element will provide their business with more security and less hassle.

It’s a very sticky product and we currently have 47 resellers selling this solution. We’ve just launched a £6 mailbox package called Exchange Core to make hosted Exchange accessible to as many SMEs as possible
and support our reseller partners. This package allows customers to change the number of users on a monthby- month basis – perfect for growing SMEs to support new team members quickly and with minimum cost.

The package also contains unlimited storage, removing the need to delete emails to free up space. Margins are anywhere up to 35 per cent off our RRP and there are plenty of bolt-ons, including MailSafe email journaling, advanced anti-virus and antispamware to boost sales revenue.