Device Advice: HTC has right touch?


The original Touch Diamond was a revolutionary handset, although not for all the right reasons. It managed to make Windows Mobile look sexy, although the odd diamond shape probably put off people with a more conservative view of design.

But those dealers selling T-Mobile have an advantage over those that don’t – the operator released the original Diamond in a toned-down guise, and has done that again here with the Compact V, with a piano black finish instead of the shiny titanium look. This of course gives you two different looking phones that essentially do the same things to pitch to your customers, which should theoretically increase your chances of selling one to them.

The first Diamond had an amazing resolution display, while the Diamond2 raises the bar by going widescreen. The 800×480 pixel display looks  amazing on the 3.25-inch screen, and is perfect for playing video.

On the back of the phone is a 5-megapixel autofocus camera and HTC has kept it simple when it comes to the side buttons, with a power/keylock button at the top and volume keys on the left. There’s also a mini-USB socket at the base and this also hooks up a headset as there’s no separate 3.5mm socket.

Basic camera, great gallery
The camera controls are all touch based and when you fire it up from the home screen, you’re presented with a full screen viewfinder. Firstly you can select the part of the picture that you want to focus on by touching it and moving the cursor. Then you press an on-screen shutter release, which readjusts and takes the picture. There is a noticeable lag before taking the photo and there is no flash, which is a vital omission.

However it’s not all bad news on the imaging front. Once you’ve taken the photos, the picture gallery comes into its own on the high quality display, meaning you can enjoy the images in all their glory without having to send them to a PC. Be sure to inform your customers that this isn’t primarily an imaging device but if they’re happy with taking basic pictures, the picture gallery will make up for this.

Full article in Mobile News issue 442 (June 29, 2009).

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