Planet Of The Apps: Windows, iPhone and BlackBerry apps


Always have ReadyWords at your fingertips

ReadyWords for BlackBerry helps users send text messages, emails and instant messages in record time by offering a range of word shortcuts.
ReadyWords presents itself as an extra menu item in most applications. It allows users to insert pre-defined phrases into most text fields.

For example, when choosing the ReadyWords option while composing a message, users will be presented with a scrollable list of phrases to choose from. Users select the appropriate phrase, which will then be inserted into the message. 

It claims to be faster than using SureType on a BlackBerry Pearl and easier than typing out a full message. It contains a built-in editor that allows users to create custom categories and phrases. There are around 150 built in phrases, such as: “Do you want to meet for lunch?”, “I’ll get back to you ASAP” and more. ReadyWords comes with eight default phrase categories.

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Turn-by-turn car navigation for iPhone with TomTom

TomTom has made navigation available for the iPhone 3G. A user needs to download the TomTom application which includes IQ Routes and the latest maps from Tele Atlas, as well as the TomTom car kit that offers secure docking, enhanced GPS performance, clear voice instructions and hands-free calling, while charging the iPhone at the same time.

The TomTom application for iPhone will soon be available via the Apple App Store. Pricing is yet to be announced for both the application and the car kit. Details will be available ahead of the launch later this summer.

Peter-Frans Pauwels, TomTom’s co-founder and chief technological officer, demonstrated TomTom’s navigation software in combination with a specially designed car kit on the iPhone during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco on June 8.

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Marketing and PR news updates to your phone

Public relations firm, the MWW Group, has launched ‘M.insight’, which it claims is the first mobile application for PR, marketing and advertising professionals.

The free app is to be available via the iPhone, Windows Mobile, or BlackBerry devices.

M-insight delivers real-time news, articles and opinions relevant to public relations, marketing, advertising and social media. It uses public RSS feeds from a select group of blogs and news sites within the industry.MWW Group chief executive Michael Kempner said: “A first for the public relations industry, M.insight will make it easy for PR, marketing and advertising professionals to discover and track news that is most relevant to them.”

Communications and marketing professionals can simply use the default content on the app, or can customise the content. M.insight also offers the ability to monitor social media networks.

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Blood Alcohol Calculator for BlackBerry

The Blood Alcohol Calculator (BAC) for BlackBerry means users can know when they have consumed too much alcohol, and they don’t have to take a chance with drinking and driving.

The application calculates a user’s blood alcohol content based on their gender, weight, the time period in which they have been drinking, and how much alcohol they have consumed.

It is compatible with a range of BlackBerry devices. It retails at £8.99, although a free trial is available.

Users choose what drink they have had by clicking on its image. The BAC lets users know where their blood alcohol concentration measurement lies in relation to the legal limit.User reviews posted online claim the app has saved them from driving under the influence, and the readings are comparable with that of an actual breathalyser.

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