T-Mobile offers ‘Family Booster’


T-Mobile has launched a new deal to allow unlimited calls and texts to be made and sent between five selected T-Mobile numbers.

The new ‘Family Booster’, which launched today, is available as an add on service for T-Mobile contract customers on Combi, Solo and Flext for £5 per month, and can be cancelled at any time.

Contract customers can select five T-Mobile numbers, including those on prepay, which will allow them all to be able to contact each other within the group for free at any time.

Th edeal is being at families; in particular those with children on prepay to provide them with the ability to contact their parents or guardians for free regardless if they have any credit on their T-Mobile SIM.

Chosen numbers can be changed on a monthly basis, and users selected can be part of up to five different groups.

Contract customers can set up their ‘Family Booster’ in T-Mobile stores, through customer service and via the handset through its online service ‘My T-Mobile.

T-Mobile head of propositions Jon Cowan said: “We are cheaper than O2 and we offer more than Vodafone. O2’s is £7.50 a month for the same number of people, and Vodafone we also include messages and texts. It offers the best value in the market.

“The proposition offers peace of mind, and allows you to always be on connection. If you have a child on pay as you go and they have run out of credit, normally they wouldn’t be able to call you.

“With this they can still make that call, send a text, and that’s really key especially when you think why parents give their children a phone in the first place.

T-Mobile head of pay monthly Steve Mitchell said: “With Family Booster, you can be reassured that the people who matter to you most will always be able to reach you, for only £5 extra a month.

“So, whether it’s your daughter ringing for a lift after school, your cousin wanting to know the answers to a pub quiz, or your dad sharing his latest joke, your family will always be able to stay in touch for free.

“There is no other price plan on the market today which offers this level of value, making it easier and more affordable for families to stay in touch.”