Bespoke Digital Pen software


Destiny Wireless is to launch a new product that allows users to create documents on their PC, and to print them out and edit them in the field using its Digital Pen.

Destiny Wireless’s Digital Pen enables workers in the field to enter and record data in pre-set paper documents. Its Digital Pen is currently only compatible with bespoke templated forms.

But the company has developed a new version called ‘Fast Dox’, which allows users to create original documents from their PC using Microsoft processing packages.

Its software links with the printer to arrange a pattern of dots on the printed page that work with its Digital Pen, so pen strokes are recorded. 
When the document is completed, users can send the recorded information via a mobile phone, or directly through a PC by placing the pen into a digital inkwell linked to the PC.

The original document on the PC, will then display any additional writing or motions created by the digital pen, creating an identical duplicate of the printed form.

Destiny Wireless claims the market for this product is unlimited for both business and potentially consumer, highlighting contracts as a key driver. It is pushing its technology via the mobile and IT reseller channels.

Destiny Wireless chief executive Edward Belgeonne (pictured) said: “The technology is already out there to scan a form to a PC, but it is rarely used. This is simple. Fast Dox prints out the document on the PC, you fill it in, sign it, or whatever needs to be done, then send it back to the PC. Within seconds, it will produce an exact crystal-clear copy .

“It removes postal delivery issues, problems with the clarity of a fax, and above all, uncertainty about whether it actually gets delivered. Fast Dox fixes all that. It is effectively a secondary data connection, it will increase data traffic for the operators, as well as provide extra business to printing firms.”