New iPhone 3G S crack expected


Dealers are confident the new Apple iPhone 3G S will be an unlocking success, but said it will take time before they can find an appropriate solution.

The new model, released again on the O2 network on June 19, has seen a surge of buyers ask unlockers to free the handset up from O2 tariffs they deem too expensive.

Fone Doctors proprietor Faisal Sheikh said: “We had a few enquiries over the opening weekend but we’re still getting a lot of the old 3G models in for unlocking.

“We have an unlocking solution but the problem is how to load it onto the handset. It may take a few weeks for this to happen and once people realise that this is again possible, the encouraging sales of the iPhone 3G S are likely to get better, fuelling more unlocking requests.”

Phone Tek-Nation store manager Jamie Turner said: “We’re offering an unlock but we’re still to test it and are working out how exactly to use it.

“We’ve had about a dozen requests and are openly advertising that we can unlock the phone. It appears that the unlock could take as little as 30 minutes so once word spreads on that, I’m confident we’ll be flooded with requests.”