O2 launches paid for tech line


O2 has launched “Tech Support”, a new chargeable telephone service for its broadband customers.

Home broadband, mobile broadband and laptop users will be able to benefit from a range of technical services from a fee of £7.34 a month.

O2 Tech Support can provide services such as removing a virus, setting up software, linking up home cinema systems or even connecting to a CCTV system.

O2 head of contract Jonathan Earle said: “We have listened to what our customers have asked for and believe that O2 Tech Support will differentiate us in this market. All our broadband customers will continue to get free advice for everything that relates to their O2 service, such as their router, modem or our network.

“Consumers want a one-stop shop where they can buy a product, get support, advice and a fix if things go wrong. That is what O2 Tech Support will provide. In addition as a guarantee if we can’t fix it we won’t charge the customer.”