Voda’s new data roaming bundles


Vodafone has announced a new range of roaming internet packages.
From July 1, business and consumer customers across Europe can access the internet from their mobile phone for £4.99 per day for up to 25MB.  Those who choose to use below 1MB, for example by reading a couple of emails, or quickly checking Facebook, will be charged on a per kb rate. Receiving and replying to a short email will use around 100KB, which would cost 50p.
Once a customer reaches 1MB the cost will be £4.99, but the next 24MB are free. This would be enough data to browse approximately 250 internet pages, read and reply to 25 emails, find a location on Google Maps, read eight news stories on the BBC website, change a status on Facebook and watch three 90 second videos on YouTube. Any further internet usage will be charged at £4.99 for each 25 MB.
Customers using mobile internet on laptops in Europe will receive 50MB for £9.99.
For the purposes of roaming, a day is classified as midnight to midnight UK time so customers need to be aware of their time zone.  Outside Europe, customers will be charged £14.99 for each 25MB when accessing the internet via their mobile and £29.99 for 50MB through a laptop.
Later in the summer, customers will receive real time alerts as they approach the end of their data allowance.