Wye Recruitment’s new ‘bolt-on’


A cast of industry veterans have combined to offer their experience to mobile businesses on short-term arrangements.

Hampshire-based Wye Recru­itment has launched a new ‘bolt-on interim management’ service to offer experienced staff on short-term contracts to mobile companies struggling for new direction in the present economic and market climates.

At launch, six staff will be available to provide senior industry management experience to mobile companies. They are: former Vodafone executive Iain Graham (pictured), former Anglia Telecom (now Redstone) chief executive Andy Smith, Aerofone and Unique veteran Noel Dingwall, former Cable & Wireless executive Brent Sercombe, business development, client services professional Kay Smith and former Symphony Telecom head of mobile Spencer Davies.

Each has more than 20 years’ experience of the mobile and telecoms markets.

Wye is offering to update clients’ staff portfolios with fresh blood in areas of marketing, B2B and IT. It said it will pitch to medium and large mobile businesses, including B2B dealers, distributors, service providers, retailers and networks. It said companies affected by the recession could benefit by gaining the skills and input of an experienced managerial staffer without the investment of a full year’s salary.

Davies, recruitment representative at Wye, said: “We’re specialists in the mobile industry and know a lot of people in this area. We have a lot of skilled people available for various roles but there has been a bit of an aversion in the industry to hiring experienced people because they are perceived as too expensive.

“If a company is struggling to find a good sales manager, we can help get a project off the ground while it continues to look for the right full-time staff in the background.”

Graham added: “All companies are shedding people across industries but jobs still have to be done – there are opportunities we could fill and in the short term we could work out cheaper.”