LG GT500 exclusive to T-Mobile


LG’s latest affordable touchscreen handset, the GT500, has been made available exclusively through T-Mobile.

The GT500 comes with a 5-megapixel autofocus camera with image stabiliser and digital zoom features. It also comes with high-speed internet access and includes pre-installed links to sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Other features included are a Dolby sound system for improved audio quality and built-in GPS.

T-Mobile UK head of handset and device marketing Daniel Meredith said: “We are delighted to have the exclusive on the LG GT500. We expect its huge range of features will appeal to a wide audience, interested in both style and function. Music lovers will enjoy its top quality sound, and its high performance camera will not disappoint photo fans. Meanwhile, the T-Mobile internet on your phone service will ensure customers can stay connected.”

LG head of mobile marketing Jeremy Newing said: “We are committed to bringing phones to market which genuinely meet the consumer’s needs. The LG GT500 boasts both social networking and GPS features that genuinely deliver a rich user experience, all within a sleek touchscreen handset.”

The LG GT500 is available from all T-Mobile sales channels, with prices starting from free on a £25 a month tariff.