LG Watch Phone out in August


Orange has announced that its exclusive LG Touchscreen Watch Phone will hit UK stores in August.

The device will be one of a range of new ‘future phones’ Orange will be ranging over the next 18 months.

Available exclusively from Orange for a limited time period, the LG Watch Phone will be available on prepay, contract, or SIM-only. The 3G device features a Bluetooth headset, in-built speaker and a full touch-screen interface, as well as video-calling capabilities.

The device forms part of Orange’s new focus to showcase the latest high-end multimedia devices. Three more new “market-leading” devices are to be unveiled on the network by the end of the year.

Orange UK chief executive Tom Alexander said: “The Watch Phone is the must-have gadget of 2009. It’s handcrafted, exclusively limited, and will turn heads on the high street.

“Our ambition is to become the best loved communications brand in the UK, and the destination brand of choice for high-end mobile users in the market. To help us achieve this, we have secured some of the most original and innovative devices available. The Watch Phone is the first of these devices, all focused on bringing a 21st century experience to our 21st century customers.

“Over time we also intend to match the power of these devices with bespoke multimedia packages, driving even more inspirational conversations and deeper connections for our customers.”