118 mobile directory complaints


The launch of new mobile directory 118 800 last month has sparked hundreds of mistaken complaints to similarly-named mobile directories.

Opt-in directory service Mobile 118, where users must join the website to be listed, claimed it had been inundated with complaints since 118 800’s launch.

118 800 has a directory of “millions” of mobile numbers compiled from market data companies where users have agreed to have their number distributed for other purposes.

They must opt-out if they do not wish to be listed.

Mobile 118 spokesperson David Lindsay said: “Since the launch of 118 800 we have inadvertently received hundreds of complaints about the service.

“So many that we have someone working full time on responding to the emails full time explaining to people this service has nothing to do with us and who to contact. The outrage has been so much we have even set up a new micro site, www.118optout.co.uk, giving users details on how to opt out.

“On the flip side our site has been mentioned in several publications as a good alternative so we have seen numbers grow and visits to our site increase.”

118 118 is also reported to have received complaints regarding 118 800’s launch.

118 800 did not respond to Mobile News’ queries.