HTC says Android not a distraction


HTC has dismissed notions that it’s concentrating too heavily on the Android market and not enough on its Windows Mobile handset range.

Much publicity has surrounded HTC’s launch of Android phones since the release of the Magic through Vodafone in May and the announcement of the Hero, made last month.

However HTC UK and Ireland country manager Jon French (pictured) said: “We will not be putting more focus on our Android-based phones. Windows Mobile devices such as the Touch Diamond 2 and Touch Pro 2 are receiving just as much focus. It’s so important to concentrate on both heavily as handsets such as the Touch Pro 2 and Magic appeal to two very different types of consumers.

“We’ll be releasing more devices across both platforms until the end of the year. We’ll certainly move forward on the Android side but we’d be fools to just throw away our heritage in being a leader of Windows Mobile devices.”