Orange launches mini SIM cards


Orange has announced that it has become the first European mobile operator to introduce mini SIM cards, aimed at reducing the amount of waste produced when customers receive new SIMs.

The network said Customers receive new SIMs embedded in a credit card-sized piece of plastic with 10 per cent of the material used for the plug-in SIM with the remaining 90 per cent of the card’s plastic unused.

The mini SIM cards will halve the amount of waste generated in providing customers with new SIMs by embedding two SIMs in each credit card-sized item during manufacturing.

The trial of the new SIM cards has started with select contract customers and will be extended to cover all new SIMs in the future. SIM card providers. Gemalto, Sagem Orga and Oberthur Technologies, are supplying Orange with the mini SIM cards.

Orange UK CEO Tom Alexander said: “Orange has recently made some significant changes in becoming a more sustainable, greener business.  For instance, 80% of our energy now comes from renewable sources, customers are encouraged to recycle handsets in our stores, and we’ve committed to a universal mobile phone charger. 

“Ultimately our goal is to have no waste involved in providing new SIMs and to use organic materials. This is just one small but significant step further in that journey of reducing the environmental impact of our business for our customers.”