S3i seeks London expansion


Mobile recycling company S3 Interactive is seeking out premises in London to expand into England.

The Glasgow-based company said it will look to open an office in London which will have a similar structure and size to its Dutch office.

It is looking to recruit around 12 staff in London covering sales, marketing and warehouse roles.

S3 Interactive is also looking to open up further offices in Europe, namely in Germany and Holland.

S3 Interactive managing director Philip Johnston (pictured) said: “We have grown 900 per cent in the last four years and although we don’t have targets in the UK as we’re looking to grow further in Europe, we have found it necessary to open up a London office because a large amount of sales come from the South East of England.

“It will be a place where clients can view our stock. We’ve a European acquisition target in place also and are well on target for our three-year strategic plan.”