Dealer Sales Corner: Romex tracking


Our MyFix application sits on a handset, collates data and sends it back to the office. TeamFix is a web interface through which customers can check handset data. MobiFix enables field managers to log onto a web browser and view maps showing where their team is in relation to their schedule.

Their unique selling point is they only use GPS on the handset, which is very accurate. MyFix knows when the user is on a journey and starts tracking the mileage and speed. That technology is the crown jewels in the proposition, and what makes Romex different to other companies.

These are alternatives to traditional vehicle tracking, enabling companies with fleets and field workers to check their employees’ locations without the cost of installing expensive equipment. The key here is if the business provides smartphones to its staff, they simply download the application without having to buy new hardware. The bonus for a dealer is if the business doesn’t have smartphones, they can offer a contract in the process.

Another important application is Sitex Orbis lone worker protection. It works as a panic button in emergency situations. The user presses a button on the smartphone which is programmed to feed voice into Sitex Orbis’ call monitoring centre. Call centre staff can then determine whether emergency services or head office needs to be contacted. It’s attractive to local authorities, carers and housing associations.

We’ve bundled the solution with Romex’s tracking applications. The protection application is £7.50 per month on a 24-month deal; a tracking application is £16 per month on a 24-month deal. Together, they cost £18.95, saving the customer £4.55 per month. A one-off connection charge of £60 per handset is due too.

Dealers get commission and revenue share packages – 25-35 per cent of the £60 upfront payment as well as 35 per cent of ongoing revenue per subscription.