Device Advice: The cut-down LG KC780


The first thing to make clear to your customers is that despite managing to squeeze in a high-resolution camera into a manageable frame, this slider is very affordable. This is because costs have been kept down with the elimination of Wi-Fi, GPS and even 3G. The problem with leaving 3G off is that these high quality photos will take longer than if speedy data transfer was possible.

This is nothing new though – the Kodak-collaborated Motorola ZN5 was also missing 3G. LG has also produced a bargain camera phone in the Cookie, a handset without 3G compatibility. It perhaps doesn’t matter in a phone like the KC780, which is aiming to draw in a wider audience.

This isn’t a touchscreen device, unlike the Cookie and Renoir, but in some ways consumers will find this beneficial as it makes it easier to use with clearly marked buttons and a navigation key helping to simplify things as you set the resolution and other features. There is also still a lot of advanced camera software on board, such as face detection and smart lighting.

Smile Shot is also included, where the camera waits until it recognises a smile before it snaps. It also shoots video as well as still images and it can record video at faster speeds to allow for a fairly cool slow-mo mode.

Its photographic capabilities aren’t bad either. Users will need to set the resolution high, but given the lack of versatility that a small photographic sensor and the lack of optical zoom dictate, our shots were sharp, detailed and colourful without being over-saturated. This is good enough to leave a dedicated camera behind in its wake when you only want casual shots.

The KC780 also has high ISO settings to make it more responsive in lower light and also includes an LED flash. So the main selling point here is given the camera resolution, you might have expected a chunkier handset but in fact the KC780 is pretty slim, bar a bump near the top where the lens nestles.

Full article in Mobile News issue 443 (July 13, 2009).

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