Planet Of The Apps: Office enhancements for iPhone, RIM


Salesforce claims to boost sales rep productivity’s sales application, CRM Sales, gives businesses the upper hand with sales data. Easy to customise and comprehensive, Salesforce CRM Sales empowers companies to manage people and processes more effectively, so reps can close more deals by spending more time selling.

Salesforce CRM Mobile delivers access to customer information such as accounts, contacts and opportunities; reporting and analytics tools, and the ability to initiate phone calls and emails from within the application.

Salesforce CRM claims to put an end to merging of spreadsheets and worry about missing forecasts. The application is secure, with all data stored on the device encrypted.

Salesforce CRM can be synchronised with Microsoft Outlook address books, calendars, and email. There are versions for Windows Mobile, iPhone and BlackBerry devices.

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Turn iPhone photos into videos with Animoto

Video creation platform Animoto allows iPhone and iPod touch users to create and view professional quality videos on the go.

Animoto’s free iPhone application creates 30- second music videos from a user’s iPhone photos with the click of a button. It claims to utilise “high-end motion” design and “musicanalysing technology” to create videos from users’ selected photos and music. Users who create a paid-for account can create longer videos. Videos are produced in widescreen format to utilise the full iPhone and iPod touch screen and can easily be shared through email.

As a PC app, Animoto can help users as a business tool to create unlimited full length videos to enhance websites or e-newsletters, or create promotional videos to pitch to clients, for a fee of around £154 a year.

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Manage mobile usage with myPolicy

Bridgewater’s myPolicy application for iPhone and BlackBerry provides a realtime view of mobile usage, tracking real-time data, SMS and applications, as well as voice and roaming charges. It sets personalised limits, notifications, and roaming controls to manage mobile usage and prevent ‘bill shock’.

Bridgewater offers SDKs that allow providers to brand, customise and extend the myPolicy application to meet operator requirements. While it is mainly a service aimed at deployment by networks, Bridgewater has a range of relationships with resellers.

Bridgewater Systems senior vice president David Sharpley says: “Bridgewater’s myPolicy solution revolutionises the relationship between mobile operators and subscribers by empowering smartphone users to personalise and manage their mobile usage and experience.”

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Record your mobile phone conversations

Best Call Recorder from Smartphoneware does just that – records calls on your mobile phone for important conversations that need to be documented. Users can customise the application to record calls from certain numbers, and whether to record incoming or outgoing calls. It uses a small amount of memory and battery and has a simple interface.

The records view of Best CallRecorder shows all phone conversation records. Users can listen to those records, delete them and get detailed information about a record.

However, the application doesn’t eliminate the default beep signal during call recording which is implemented in Nokia’s firmware. This prevents illegal phone calls recording for many countries.

Call recording is available only for Nokia devices – other manufacturers are not supported.

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