Ofcom in new MNP crack down


Ofcom is investigating porting times after receiving “several” complaints. The regulator reduced porting time last year from five to two working days, but claimed it was receiving complaints from customers the networks are not adhering to the rule. It launched a ‘preenforcement programme’ to investigate late last month.

Ofcom said: “We will examine complaints received by Ofcom’s Advisory Team. Where there is evidence of potential non-compliance we will take appropriate and proportionate action under this programme.

“If necessary, we will take action through separate investigations of named MNOs and MVNOs which will be announced via Ofcom’s Competition and Consumer Enforcement Bulletin.”

Meanwhile, Ofcom has published its fi rst maps of UK 3G coverage as well as the second phase of its mobile sector assessment. The new maps show UK coverage as of December 31. They show Orange and 3 to have the most 3G coverage.