Devika: Quite a few bad men


Hundreds of mobile traders were forced out of the UK banking system because Customs cried foul play, and suspected VAT fraud on a hideously grand scale.

Traders went to open offshore accounts, only to be pursued there, too. Let’s not pretend all traders are blameless, guiltless. But that is not the point.

There are good traders with their money frozen in the FCIB, a little-known bank on a scorching island off South America. The economy is broken, trade is broken, parts of the UK business sector are in great trouble.

The Government is bailing out the banks, which have acted in a pretty maverick fashion for years before being found out.

Government members are also claiming all kinds of dubious expenses on tax-payers’ money. Who are the bad eggs, here?

The mobile trade, stealing VAT? The banks taking huge risks and putting the UK public into crazy debt for the next dozen years? Or the MPs taking public money to pay for duckhouses, Oceans 13 (twice) and porn?

There are good and bad traders, good and bad banks, good and bad MPs. Only the traders have been stopped from working however. Give them their money back.