3 opens mobile broadband ads


3 has opened up opportunities for advertising on its mobile broadband “dashboard”.

The network said the dashboard, which launches every time a user connects to the internet, will be visible to more than one million mobile broadband users and receives more than 30 million impressions every month.

Once the mobile broadband dongle is plugged into the USB port of a computer, the dashboard will automatically appear with the connection manager and advertising pane alongside.

3 is looking for the first set of exclusive advertising partners to sign up until the end of 2009. Launch brands will have the option to receive in the region of one to three million impressions each month.

Mobile broadband dashboard advertising has already been used successfully by the 3 network in Austria, which is already running campaigns with brands such as VW, Suzuki, Kia, Peugeot, Mazda, Honda and Land Rover. Companies advertising in this way are seeing a click-through rate of up to six per cent.

3 UK head of advertising Neil Andrews said: “3 UK has always led the market when it comes to providing innovative advertising space on mobile because we have a uniquely powerful network. This has allowed us to do some very interesting things with mobile content and the advertising surrounding this.

“Our mobile broadband offering is seeing a huge amount of uptake. This new opportunity presents brands with the opportunity of getting in front of a large target audience in a bold and visible manner.”

3 UK will be selling its mobile broadband dashboard space either direct or through advertising agencies.