Symbian pushes app development


Mobile operating system organisation the Symbian Foundation has announced its new application publishing programme Symbian Horizon, to be released in October.

Symbian Horizon will assist developers in building applications for Symbian-powered devices and distributing those applications via the range of global stores which reach Symbian customers. They will also receive promotional assistance for bringing those applications to end users. The programme aims to make application developers more successful and increase the profitability of Symbian applications.

Companies and developers participating in Symbian Horizon will gain access to a variety of services that support the development, distribution, and marketing of mobile applications, from application certification and in-store presence, to language translation services and marketing programs. Symbian Horizon aims to be a single point of management and distribution to what it claims is the largest group of mobile consumers worldwide.

Symbian Horizon is aimed at two primary communities; the first being made up of application store providers, provided either by a mobile network or a handset manufacturer, such as Nokia’s Ovi Store or the Samsung Application Store.

The second target community comprises individual developers and companies that want to reach a broader mobile consumer market through mobile applications, such as The Guardian newspaper and
Symbian Foundation executive director Lee Williams said: “Our goal is to encourage robust application development, increase revenue and application diversity in mobile stores, and improve the consumer experience – all for the greater benefit of the mobile ecosystem. We are building a self-sustaining ecosystem that will drive the next generation of mobile and developers that join now are aligning themselves with the future of mobile.”

Nokia vice president of media and games Marco Argenti added: “Symbian Horizon will further complement Ovi Store in cooperation with our global developer community, Forum Nokia, to discover the best quality apps and make them available for Nokia consumers around the world. We are keen to leverage the advances in the Symbian open source community to provide developers with the best tools to build the best apps and experiences for Nokia devices.”

Vice president of Samsung’s UK-based research institute Yong-suk Moon said: “Symbian developers will have broader opportunities to reach consumers at the Samsung Applications Store thanks to Symbian Horizon. We will support Symbian Horizon to provide benefits of total eco-system partnership in the industry. Samsung is an early member of Symbian Foundation and has contributed for consumers to have a more advanced and exciting mobile experience.“