Vodafone nicks O2 Lloyds contract


Vodafone has secured all the mobile contracts for Lloyds Banking Group, taking a significant corporate contract from rival O2 worth around 50,000 lines.

The merger of banks Lloyds TSB and HBOS, as Lloyds Banking Group, was finalised in January, with the Government taking a 43 per cent stake in it as part of the Treasury’s £37 billion bail-out of the sector. Previously, O2 served Lloyds TSB and Vodafone supplied HBOS.

Vodafone UK enterprise director Peter Kelly said: “As it has come together, it has just made the decision to put all of its voice, mobile email and mobile broadband to Vodafone. So, we have won an account which has more than 50,000 users in one of the biggest fi nancial institutions in the UK, and that is moving in the coming months to the Vodafone network.”