Sharp End: Farewell trusted friend


Farewell trusted friend

After what seems to be many years of trusted service, the ultra reliable and popular Nokia 6300 phone has reached the end of its days.

Last week I was informed by my supplier the Nokia 6300 has now been officially discontinued (on Orange) and that there would be no further stock of this ever-popular model.

The Nokia 6300 accounted for probably over 80 per cent of all the business I connect which is pretty amazing given how long the phone has been available.

The main reason the phone has been so successful is simply because it is reliable.

The phone had the main features people were looking for such as reasonable camera, Bluetooth, media player and expandable memory but above all it was a very reliable phone in the same way as the Nokia 6310 and the 6230 before it.

The popularity of this model (in my shop at least) just goes to show the vast majority of customers simply need a good reliable phone rather than the ‘bells and whistle’ phones that are doing the rounds nowadays.

One other feature of the Nokia 6300 that helped it sell was the fact that you could increase the font size for contacts and messaging.

This helps make the phone easily readable for those of us in our advancing years with failing eyesight!

I am sad to see this phone reach its natural end and only hope that its supposed successor, the Nokia 6303, proves to be as reliable and popular as the 6300.

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