Recycler and Ticketmaster join up


Online ticket distributor Ticketmaster has launched a recycling campaign to allow customers to exchange mobile phones for tickets.

Ticketmaster has teamed up with recycling company Redeem. It is offering up to £150 credited to a Ticketmaster gift card, for second hand phones and up to £80 for old iPods.

Ticketmaster will also donate £1 to children’s charities Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy and Sparks for every handset or iPod they receive.

Customers also have the ability to donate the full amount of the handsets worth to the charities if they request so via the Redeem website. 

Redeem chief executive Jamie Rae said: “This new partnership with Ticketmaster is very exciting for us as a company, but also offers a brand new way for Ticketmaster customers to enjoy events and concerts across the UK.

“Many recyclable products such as mobile phones and bipod’s can be worth a fair amount when you recycle them and with some worth £150 it means Ticketmaster customers can spend less and go to more live entertainment events this year.”

Ticketmaster UK managing director Chris Edmonds said: “Being able to offer this new and innovative service to our consumers gives us a way to engage with them in a way that allows them to enjoy more live entertainment and save money.

“It not only benefits our customers but also provides additional revenue for our two nominated charities. We are always looking to increase awareness of what Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy and Sparks do as well as assist in raising funds that will help them continue their invaluable work all over the UK.”