Orange’s unlimited music offer


Orange is launching a new prepay animal tariff, ‘Monkey’ which includes access to free and unlimited access to streamed music tracks.

The new Monkey tariff will be available to new and existing Orange prepay customers from Thursday (July 30), and enable them to stream an unlimited number of music tracks from the new ‘Monkey’ website, either from their computer or mobile phone.

Orange has partnered with Universal Music, which will provide the music content, and channel 4’s digital music channel ‘4 Music,’ which will promote the service and provide content garnered from its own music shows. Both partnerships are exclusive to the UK.

Orange is pitching the prepay tariff to the 16-24 year old age bracket. It requires customers to top-up more than £10 per month. They can create a playlist from the Universal music library and listen to streamed tracks via their computer.

Alternatively users can dial-in round-the-clock to listen to music on their handsets in call-mode. Track selections can be selected by keying in numbers on the handset. On pressing ‘5’ while in call, they will receive free texts detailing song and artist.

Customers will receive 600 minutes of free calls per month to access their music from their mobile phone. Calls made afterwards will be charged at their standard Orange call rate.

Higher-end 3G handsets will also enable users to stream music over the network.

Orange customers will also receive an additional 300 free text messages as part of the Monkey tariff. Customers topping up £20 will receive 600 texts and those topping up £30 will receive 1,000 texts.

In addition, Monkey subscribers will have the ability to add and follow other friends on the tariff, enabling them to share music, again, via computer or mobile phone. A Monkey application will also be made available through social networking site Facebook so users can access friends’ Monkey music files.

Because the offer is a streaming service users will not be able to save any music to their hard drive, MP3 players or mobile phone.

The Monmkey tariff requires customers to top up £10 per month. Customers will be charged 20p per minute for voice calls and 10p per text as standard.

Orange UK chief executive Tom Alexander said: “Unlike some music services which are either restricted to high-end more expensive handsets or have download costs, Monkey is for everyone.

“All you need to do is top up to get free music on any handset or online. Each partner will contribute by doing what they do best. Universal Music has the best content and artists; 4Music has the best capability to reach the target audience and has the most respected editorial voice in this space; and at Orange we’ve got a great brand, great distribution and know how to develop and sell innovative mobile propositions.”

Universal Music UK CEO David Joseph said: “We are excited to work with Orange on Monkey, an innovative service which meets the high expectations of today’s young music consumers. 

“Unique partnerships like this are changing the shape of the music industry.”

Channel 4 CEO Andy Duncan said: “Aligning our brands in this way works well for Channel 4 and Orange. We have a very strong relationship with young audiences and so can deliver optimum exposure to this key audience for the new Monkey service.”