User get-out on Orange price hike


Orange is to increase its minimum call charges in September by a margin that is enough to spring a release clause in customer contracts to enable them to cancel mid-term.

From September 1, Orange is increasing the minimum call cost for the first minute of out-of-bundle calls from 5p to 15p. Thereafter, present out-of-bundle rates apply.

Orange’s own terms and conditions state subscribers may cancel their contracts if changes to contract terms result “in an excessive increase in the charges or changes that alter your rights under this contract to your detriment.”

The new 10p increase on the first out-of-bundle minute allows customers to cancel.

Orange has also increased data charges to effectively 60p per day for up to 25MB usage, Mobile News understands.

An Orange spokesperson said: “Orange has increased its minimum call charge from 5p to 15p. So what this means is that if you go over your inclusive minutes, the first minute is now 15p and any other minute of that same call is as per your current out-of-bundle rates. 
“Whilst our terms and conditions do allow customers to terminate their contract as a result of this change, we are confident that the majority of our customers will not be affected by this because of the nature of their talk plans and their usage.
“We work with our customers to ensure they have the best mobile phone tariffs to suit their individual needs, and any customer that does find they are using more than their allowance may benefit from migrating up to another talkplan.”