CWU fight with CPW escalates


The Communication Workers Union’s (CWU) campaign against the Carphone Warehouse has escalated with a demonstration at the Wednesbury warehouse on July 18.

The CWU said it still planned to go ahead with plans to distribute leaflets around every Carphone store in the country, although a date has not been set.

Carphone branded the threat as “unnecessary intervention”. The conflict centres around two warehouse employees, Sulinder Kumar and Kulwinder Plaha. The CWU insists that Carphone took action against the pair because of their attempts to rally union support.

Carphone maintains disciplinary action arises only from performance issues and would not be union related. The pair led the demonstration with CWU representatives and were joined by another former colleague, Pitpal Ram, who was also sacked.

The CWU said Carphone’s claim that the men had harrassed a manager was an exaggeration and that they were in fact attempting to defend another member of staff.

A Carphone spokesman said: “We are not going to stand in anybody’s way if they want to join a union. We do a great job of engaging with our employees and we feel there is no need for the union’s intervention.”

CWU deputy general secretary Andy Kerr said at the demonstration: “I tell you, Mr Dunstone – we’ll fight in every shop throughout this country until we get union recognition and reinstatement for these individuals.”