Get Connected opens nine more


Get Connected has said that it could open up to nine more stores in the coming weeks to take its shop tally to 67 outlets.

The retailer opened its most recent store in Wellington, Somerset, on July 16 to take its shop count to 58 and is waiting for up to nine leases to be signed off on potential new locations as it looks to hit its target of 70 stores by the end of the year.

Get Connected managing director Damian Cole (pictured) said: “It could be a few weeks before we’re able to open all of these as we’ve got to wait for leases to be signed off and shops to be properly fitted.

“However a shop in Birmingham could be fitted within the next week and targeted opening a store every one-and-a-half weeks, which we’re still on course to achieve.”

Get Connected is now the largest entirely-owned UK dealership.