P4U ups prepay, SIM-only targets


Phones 4U has increased targets for SIM-only and prepay deals, whilst lowering contract targets.

Within the last three months typical SIM-only store targets have increased from 23 connections per month to 35, while prepay targets have surged to 215 from 130, staff claimed.

Contract targets have fallen from an average of 170 connections per month to 160 per store.

To promote the SIM-only drive, store staff have been provided with £3 extra commission for any T-Mobile SIM-only deal connected this month.

Staff said, however, an increased number of stores are now hitting targets because footfall has picked up.

Staff said a new strategy, ‘Success Through People’ which launched last month, has given store managers more responsibility to assess staffers’ training requirements and create individual action plans for each member of staff. Action plans highlight where additional coaching is necessary and training days are scheduled accordingly.

Managers said the strategy is part of Phones 4U’s wider ambition to develop a more customer-focussed sales pitch.