Franchise expansion for JAG


JAG has said that there’s a possibility it could expand the licences for its franchise programme without switching across its own stores to the scheme.

The retailer has now rolled out 57 licences for the programme, leaving it with 18 of its own stores.

Managing director John George (pictured) said that while there’s a possibility that all 75 stores could be granted licences, the likelihood is that it will leave itself with up to 15 of its own shops and expand outside of its store portfolio once the licences for franchise stores hit the 60 mark.

“Giving our entire store portfolio licences to run as franchise locations is a real possibility as the concept works well and costs are significantly lowered for us,” he said.

“But it’s more likely that we’ll keep 15 of our own stores while finding new locations for franchise shops. That way if staff go for it and it doesn’t work, we’ve got our existing stores to fall back on.”