Store staff expect to get O2 Money


O2’s new O2 Money credit card will likely be a remuneration channel for the network retailer to pay staff, they suggested last week.

Staff reacted to the announcement of the O2 Money card by suggesting their pay and bonuses would be reimbursed with card credit. O2 however dismissed the idea in the short term.

An O2 spokesperson said: “There are no current plans to do this. It is a rather complicated process as there are a lot of tax implications paying commission in this way.

“The vouchers are not taxable. It might be something we will look at in the future.”

O2 Money, which launches next month as a joint venture with bank NatWest, is designed to help people manage their finances better by using a pre loaded credit card to manage the amount people spend.

A number of staff claim the credit card will be deployed across the entire O2 staff base of more than 11,000, including those in its 450 retail stores, which will significantly boost customer numbers for NatWest.

The financial benefits for O2 are unknown and NatWest does not currently use advertising on its own website from third parties.

It is rumoured the credit card could be used for staff to receive their monthly commission instead of ordering high street vouchers off the internet via their online Spirit account, which takes around a month to arrive typically.

O2 will also pay its staff £10 the first time they top up their credit card by £10 or more as an incentive.