Timico’s dealer drive still pending


Timico has picked up 20 new reseller partners in the first two-weeks of its new recruitment drive, but they have mostly been consultancy firms. Its plans to attract 50 mobile dealers, revealed in June, will gather pace through the rest of the year, it said.

Timico head of the indirect channel Iain Sinnott said mobile dealers should not be discouraged to work with Timico if they have other mobile suppliers because dealers can opt to solely sell fixed-line products.

Said Sinnott: “We want to push our mobile business and we welcome calls from any mobile dealer.  Even those who are loyal to their current suppliers can come to us if they’re keen to move into the fixed line space. We don’t only have mobile products so it won’t conflict with their current interests and relationships. Mobile is not the be all and end all and it’s not an exclusive requirement for a mobile dealer to sell our mobile products.”

He added: “We’ve had a pretty good response so far after only two weeks of marketing our dealer programme. In the latter part of the year, I expect we will see more dealers selling more products to one end user.”

Timico is also due to launch a service enhancement to its VoIP product which enables users to interact through a conference call by sending messages to other callers, vote and view files from a shared server.

The Timico ‘Meet Me’ programme is in trial stage and is set to launch by October. Pricing and revenue for dealers has not been finalised, but Sinnott said the service will be available for under £40 per month while dealers will receive around 15 per cent ongoing revenue with an unconfirmed upfront commission.