Uplands chases more acquisitions


Uplands Mobile is further accelerating its acquisition strategy following the purchase of South West B2B dealer Mobile Radio in May.

Uplands managing director Paul Hooper (pictured) said a deal is imminent with one party, and in early negotiation with another.

However, he added a business model that is suitable to both parties is still to be decided.

Hooper said: “We’re in talks with two companies, with one more meaningful at this time. This company is looking for a slightly different arrangement to what we’re looking for and proposing another business model.

“I don’t want to deviate from a business model that has proved so successful for Uplands over the years. At the moment we’re looking to work towards a model that is mutually agreeable.  This deal has to completely work for both parties.”

Uplands bought the customer base of local rival Mobile Radio two months ago, obtaining around 4,000 O2 customers from the O2 Advance Partner.

Hooper had said that he would be looking to tie up similar deals with O2 dealers that may be struggling to meet the network’s required criteria.