SE announces X2 Voda exclusive


Sony Ericsson has announced the Xperia X2 will be available exclusive to Vodafone in Q4.

The eight-megapixel, Windows Mobile 6.5 touchscreen device is a follow up to the Xperia X1, which impressed when announced at Mobile World Congress last year but failed to gain traction as it was dwarfed by equally-specced devices that made it to market much earlier.

Sony Ericsson claims the X2 “blurs the boundary between work and play”,  offering Microsoft Office and a ‘SlideView feature’ which provides quick access to frequently used phone functions such as messages, contacts, email and others.

The X2 features 14 preloaded 3D Xperia panels and 16 more to download, for users to access applications such as Skype, Mytopia Google, or games and news. Users can set favourites to appear during certain times of the day, for example, news in the morning, YouTube at lunchtime and games for the journey home.

Sony Ericsson business marketing manager Sumit Malhotra said: “The Xperia X2 allows users to work quickly and efficiently while on the move. The new range of interactive panels as well as SlideView are perfect for those who need to see any missed incoming activity at a glance.”

Sony Ericsson has designed an Xperia Services bespoke after sales package to help users get the most out of the device. It offers a specialised technical team standing by to support users and talk through the device’s feature. It can also be used for trouble-shooting and organising replacement devices should it break.

The device comes in black or silver.