Nokia SL3 crack being touted


Dealers have claimed the team behind the first direct Nokia BB5 unlocking solution is on the verge of unlocking Nokia phones with the SL3 security update on them.

Newer Nokia models with the SL3 software, such as the N97 (pictured), 6700 and 6303, have not yet been unlocked as engineers pursue a suitable crack.

But the unlocking community now claims Stoke-based Mobile Phone Solutions, which unveiled the DM3- BOX last May as the first direct BB5 unlocking solution, has found a solution.

Ace Fones’ Dan Shortall said: “These phones have proved problematic. The unlock will probably be fairly expensive but we’re not bothered about making too much money from this. There’s a lot of competition in our area so we just want to make people aware that we will be charging a competitive price for this.”

Fone Doctors proprietor Faisal Sheikh said: “It’s another challenging unlock cracked and intensifies the cat-and-mouse game between the unlocking community and manufacturers.”

One dealer also claimed Mobile Phone Solutions is planning a base in London so it has easier access to a wider range of dealers. “A lot of customers and dealers don’t want to have to travel or send phones off to get them unlocked. Having a base in London will go a long way to solving that. The team doesn’t crave attention and simply wants to make as much money as possible,” he said.

Mobile Phone Solutions was unavailable for comment.