Orange revenue share struggles


Dealers complained last week of continued problems with Orange’s revenue share scheme, principally with correct remuneration for connections made.

Orange has struggled with its 90/10 upfront/ongoing pay structure since its launch in April, and dealers claim to have had little clarity about pay.

An Orange spokesperson said: “We have had some teething problems with a system that calculates a small element of the ongoing revenue share payments.

“On a whole, the ongoing revenue share is going really well but we are looking into this so that we can resolve any outstanding points with this system as a matter of priority. Rest assured if there is any extra money owed, we will ensure our dealers are paid accordingly. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Dealers claimed they had repeatedly received apologies from Orange about paying on estimates rather than accurate calculations, but worried Orange’s systems are failing to live with the complexity of the new business model.

At the same time, dealers suggested Orange is considering complicating its revenue share model further by creating bespoke arrangements with certain key partners, so they can negotiate the rate of upfront commission and ongoing pay.

Vodafone and Yes Telecom are piloting a similar revenue share model with Vodafone later confirming a number of options on offer regarding ongoing revenue share instead of a standard model.