SE repair headaches continue


Dealers are still experiencing major repair problems with Sony Ericsson handsets, even though the company claimed five months ago it was radically addressing the problem.

In February dealers reported widespread build quality issues with Sony Ericsson handsets, with the C905 (pictured) taking the brunt of criticism.

Sony Ericsson managing director Nathan Vautier told Mobile News: “We are addressing this radically, starting from within the core of our manufacturing business.”

However dealers said last week the problems are just as prominent now.

Alex Desteve of Manchesterbased Mobile Zone said: “We’re still seeing problems with the C905’s earpiece and the software on the C902. These queries continue to come in on a daily basis. It’s going to take time for Sony Ericsson to address these problems but it needs to act quickly.”

Another repair centre said: “I’m getting 10 enquiries a day from customers complaining about mass speaker and earpiece problems on both of these. This has been the case for months now and it’s clear the problems haven’t been addressed.”

A Sony Ericsson spokesman said: “We have recognised the issues we have had with quality on some of our models. As a business we have taken huge steps to ensure that we don’t see these types of issues arising again in our future models.

“It’s sad to hear that dealers are still experiencing issues with the products that are still in the market but we have seen improvements in some of the later manufactured products and the W995 has so far seen good levels of quality in the market. Unfortunately we cannot just turn on a tap to improve quality. It takes time but this is number one priority.”