Dealer Sales Corner: ProCell products


Mobile costs for businesses are becoming harder to manage. Research shows 30-60 per cent of calls made from company phones are non-business, and 80 per cent of companies don’t have time to go through their bills in such detail.

With ProCell for Enterprise and SME, companies with 30-1,000 handsets can reduce mobile expenditure by up to 50 per cent.

The service comes as a hosted service and as a mobile application. It offers detailed reports breaking down calls, texts, data and roaming. We analyse the client’s billing data and estimate potential savings.

We produce a call pattern document for clients and identify areas where the company can reduce costs.

We work closely with our partners to ensure that companies maximise potential benefits. ProCell Roam From Home can be integrated to BlackBerry devices but is compatible with other handsets. It reduces roaming charges by reversing the call origin, allowing the customer to pay an inbound roaming charge rather than outbound, which is usually much less.

Dealers have the opportunity to receive an ongoing revenue based on the customer’s savings from either tool. If the customer does not save money using either service, they will not be charged. But if they save money, dealers will share in a percentage of savings.

Customers can use these tools and only pay for the savings they deliver. It’s a completely different approach to demanding an upfront payment. We have saved money for every client we have worked with.

The percentage the dealer gets varies depending on the amount of handsets the client has. They will typically receive five to 20 per cent of the customer’s savings.

If a customer has 500 lines then it could be a significant monthly payment for the dealer. But revenue from savings made across several customers with 30 handsets could also make a difference.